Rustic Applesauce


  • 2 pounds (1 kilogram) tart cooking apples
  • 1 pound (500 grams) Macintosh apples
  • ½ cup apple cider
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 1 3-inch cinnamon stick
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice


Peel and core apples and cut into 1-inch chunks. Place apples in a heavy-bottomed saucepan along with cider, brown sugar, cinnamon stick and lemon juice and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to medium low, cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes. Remove lid and cook another 20 minutes or until apple pieces are translucent and falling apart. If sauce is too liquid because apples are juicy, cook another 10 minutes.

Remove cinnamon stick. Mash apple chunks with a potato masher until desired consistency has been reached. Cool. Yields about 3½ cups applesauce.