Welcome to my new website


Welcome to my new website. I am a passionate cook, writer and recipe developer who has had the great fortune to be able to put these skills to work at newspapers and magazines throughout my career. Time changes everything, however, and I now see the necessity of a website that answers the needs of people today. We will concentrate on perfectly tested recipes, travel stories, wine and restaurant reviews, and lots of how-to guides. I have a passion for books, so we will also cover cookbooks and maybe the odd novel. And, as I am fortunate to travel widely, eating out around the world is a special topic. There will be no sponsored posts;  I want to be free to be honest about what I do or don’t recommend.

The website reflects my personal tastes -- in food, travel and living. I am known for my accurately tested recipes and frequently hear comments such as “I can make your recipes for guests without testing them and always know that they will work”.

The recipes are easy, based on good technique, modern methods and flavour twists to bring them out of the ordinary. I love food from China, Thailand, India and all over Europe as well as North America and you will see this influence throughout the recipes. I use fresh seasonal ingredients and  believe in healthy food  You’ll find gluten-free and vegan recipes scattered throughout, and recommendations for the best products to buy for these cooking styles. But this is not a website catering to health-food  folks or diet mavens.

I don’t object to using the occasional high-quality commercial product, but only when it has no additives. I believe in clean food, preferably organic, but if not available then buying what non organic products are available. There are no hard and fast rules in my recipes, and I always give substitutes for more difficult-to-find ingredients. Time is a factor for me as I try to take control of my busy life, but nothing  beats sitting around the table, talking with friends and family while eating excellent food. I always keep this in mind so the recipes will be as streamlined as possible, but ultimately it’s worth spending a few minutes to be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal together.

We have a food gene in our family.  My grandmother had a kosher restaurant in Glasgow, where I was born and raised, and my mother owned a kitchen shop in Yorkville.   My daughter Emma is a food journalist; my nephew Daniel, a food guru in New York at Eater.com; his brother Julian is in the running for best food critic in Canada. My grandson Josh likes to bake and Zac likes to eat. My stepson Alex owns a restaurant, so the influence is wide. While we appreciate many foods at my table, we also have some picky eaters, like many families out there. That’s why you’ll find everything from recipes to impress guests to tips on feeding the finicky.”

My hope is that the recipes and information here intrigue and inspire you to appreciate your kitchen and mine.