Roasted squash with Indian spices


  • 2 kilograms (4 pounds) mixed squash
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • ½ cup softened butter
  • 2 tablespoons Indian curry paste
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander seed
  • 2 tablespoons chopped coriander


Preheat oven to 425 F. Cut ends off squash. Slice in half and remove any seeds. Cut in 3/4-inch wedges. Coat lightly with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Place on baking sheet and roast 20 to 25 minutes, turning once, until golden and tender.

While squash is roasting:

Heat butter in skillet on medium-low heat and stir in curry paste. Sauté for 1 minute, then add maple syrup, cinnamon and ground coriander. Cook 1 minute longer until spices are combined. Pour over squash just before serving, and garnish with coriander.